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Are you looking for Dental Laboratory Equipment or Dental Office Supplies? We offer great prices on a variety of different items such as Waterpik products, denture teeth and accessories, porcelain oven products, various chemicals, X-ray supplies, Val-Clean and much more! For more information on Dental Lab Equipment contact Nowak Dental Supplies Inc.

New 1/2 Sizes available on Space Maintainer Bands. 

Nowak Dental is proud to be a distributor of all Fiber Force products.  Click here to watch tutorials/videos on this product.

New 1/2 Sizes available on Space Maintainer Bands.
New 1/2 Sizes available on Space Maintainer Bands.

We are very pleased to announce that Heraeus' Collection of Premium Dental Laboratory Brands and Products will now be available from Nowak Dental.  This collective partnership ensures Heraeus customers will have better service, faster turnaround time, and improved stock levels.  We are pleased to offer the renowned, synergistic products you and your dentists have come to trust, including brands such as Artic, Basic, Mondial and Premium denture teeth, Die-Keen and Modern Materials gypsum, Flexitime impression material, and Gluma Desensitizer.

Two Brand New Acrylics from Heraeus Kulzer!
HERAEUS, the company that invented acrylic for use in dentures in 1936, is proud to bring you two BRAND NEW acrylics:• PalaXpress Ultra - If you have used our Palapress Vario, PalaXpress is it in steroids! Same flexibility in usage – pour it, inject it, reline it, repair with it and it will still last like a heat-cure material – but we made it incredibly more impact resistant and added some new ethnic shades.• Paladon Ultra - Paladon Ultra is our new high-impact heat-cure material. Its impact strength and flexural strength are higher than Lucitone 199, but we give you more color stability and more shades as well.

New Items Just Arrived!

Flexpress Injection Press Professional Kit
Item Number: FP-0101
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Nowa-Thin 9's .875 x .009 box of 25 replaces Jel Thin
Item Number: 7180916
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Architect 2010 wax up assistant, Posterior kit Cube
Item Number: 2120-AP
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Triumph Universal Investment 130 x 100gr with 3 liquids
Item Number: INTRCP100-3
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Pro Press SP 200 Sensing Press and Firing oven
Item Number: 92025-
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Kerr Touchsteam Portable Steamer, 1 Gallon
Item Number: 33405
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Nowak Dental Supplies, Inc.
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